What services do you offer?


NEWLook Finishes is a decorative finishing business that specializes in traditional and contemporary decorative finishes.

Much of our work is custom, and designed specifically for each individual project and client.
With unlimited color, texture and pattern options offered through painted finishes we use unique decorative techniques to create designs that can transform your living space.

Some painting services include:

  • Faux Artistry surfaces, single walls or entire rooms, ceilings or accent areas
  • Venetian Plaster, raw, natural and chalky or hand polished
  • Textural finishes
  • Embedded finishes
  • Patterned Designs
  • Custom Cabinet, built-ins, and furniture finishes
  • Painted Finishes for accessories such at light fixtures, mirror frames, backs of book cases.
  • Touch up and small restoration projects


How much is a consultation?


It is complimentary for clients in Charleston and surrounding communities. Outside of the Charleston market, consultations can be arranged for a minimal fee.


What is the process?


Together, or in consultation with your designer, we determine which colors and styles will help you realize the vision that you have for your space.

We will explore the vast array of finishes and options, talk about the styles and colors that express your home and personality to find a specialty finish you love!

This is a fun part of the process, to envision something that reflects who you are, and to help make your vision a reality.

At the initial consultation, it is helpful to have samples of color swatches or any fabric from other design elements for the space, Photos from magazines, assessing the lighting any visuals or any other important elements of the room or space, will be helpful in understanding the focus of the design. We will view some different sample board finishes, and make notes of your favorite ones.

Once I have a sense of how you want to transform the space, I measure and take photos to help me visualize in creating ideas for a sample of your special finish.

We will discuss your budget for the project, and the time frame of starting and completing your project. I will then take all the information we have gone over and put a proposal together for your project.

I will contact you within the next two days to review the proposal with you, including the proposed design, total price and any required deposit or retainer. Generally, a deposit of approximately 25-50% of the project cost is required when the proposal is accepted. The deposit depends on the size of the project, the amount of material that will need to be ordered, any prep work and mobilizing equipment such as scaffolding and specialized stencils.

Once the proposal is accepted, we begin the wonderful journey of creating that special look just for you.

The sample board will then be approved by client. If client is working with a designer, sample will be approved by both client and designer.

There is time, thought, and creativity invested in your custom finish sample. Because of this, a custom sample will be completed after the proposal is accepted. Samples may be purchased individually. A custom sample ranges from 150-350.


What is the investment?


Since each project is customized, the cost per square foot can range anywhere from $2 to $25, depending on the size of the project, the complexity of the finish, the cost of materials and the time necessary to fully develop the intricacies of each finish. We will do our best to work with you to achieve the look you want while still staying within the realistic parameters of your budget.  An exquisite custom finish will not only be more desirable for the space and add value to your home, but will often be less costly than high end production wallpapers.   We can break down many projects into different phases of work as budget allows.


Are you eco-friendly?


The demand for eco-friendly products continue to grow.

Currently all our paints and glazes are water based and have low VOC.

We do our best to offer the most durable, appropriate materials for longevity, without compromising aesthetically pleasing quality.


Are you insured? How long have you been in business?


Starting education and on field training in 1998, NEWLook Finishes was launched in 1999.

NEWLook Finishes carries full coverage on personal and business liability Insurance.