Timeless Finishes

  • Rough wood Ceiling Aged with lime

    Rough wood Ceiling Aged with lime

    Lime was of 3 different white tones gave this Porch ceiling a very authentic warn look.  Lime has wonderful qualities…

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  • Living Room Upscale soft color palette

    Living Room Upscale soft color palette

    Soft Gray blue finished built-in Cabinets with gold hi-lights.  The focal point of the room is a mirror exquisitely finished…

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  • Marble and Door

    Marble and Door

    Black gold Faux marble mantle and Faux mahogany door.

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  • Herringbone Bricks

    Herringbone Bricks

    Herringbone brick pattern was one of the show stoppers in this contribution by NEWLook Finishes to the March of Dimes…

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  • Luxurious Powder Room

    Luxurious Powder Room

    This powder room is luxurious with textural warm and cool silver vertical stripes and just a hint of red undertones…

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  • From Simplistic to Sophisticated

    From Simplistic to Sophisticated

    The first photo is the pale flat look of the dining room before wall and ceiling finishes. The designer envisioned a…

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  • Foiled Copper Threading

    Foiled Copper Threading

    What a dramatic change from this clients blank Taupe walls  She wanted deep rich color tones of bronze and copper.…

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  • Aged and Cracked Finish

    Aged and Cracked Finish

    Inspired by an accomplished European artisan, this wall finish was created.  I worked and trained under her supervision early on…

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  • Corn Silk

    Corn Silk

    This client wanted an understated, but elegant finish in her downtown condominium.  She chose a custom mix of color I…

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  • NEWLook Favored Faux Finish

    NEWLook Favored Faux Finish

    If a finish could taste delicious, this would be one of them-a NEWLook favored faux finish.  Reflective, soft yet dramatic…

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  • Dining Room

    Dining Room

    A beautiful transformation.  The columns mahogany faux bois crowned in pale gold balanced the space.  The chair rail finish was…

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  • Pattern Aglow

    Pattern Aglow

    What better place for some bling, but in your powder room? All over stencil in metallic reds, gold and hints…

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