Custom Finishes

  • Rich and Daring

    Rich and Daring

    So stately, so rich, and daring.  This finish would look exquisite in neutrals of grays and textile whites.  You can…

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  • Slightly Shimmered Ceiling

    Slightly Shimmered Ceiling

    Slightly Shimmered Ceiling.  One of my favorite ceiling finishes. I love working with a designer that has an amazing eye…

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  • Silk


    Presenting one of my newest finishes.  Ahh, the feel and look of silk. A formal look in a casual space,…

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  • Elegantly Rustic and Reflective Venetian Plaster

    Elegantly Rustic and Reflective Venetian

    The feel of this color, Venetian plaster. Milky terracotta in the first layer and golden fleece to follow.  A labor…

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  • Office


    A delightful, rich, transformation!  Took this room from an unfinished and cold room to an intimate office space,  I worked…

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  • Clouds


    Clouds are fun!  Clouds are dramatic!  Clouds are light and fluffy!  Clouds are stormy!  Clouds are whatever you like!  This…

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  • White wall to cement

    White wall to cement

    Thanks to the vision of the homeowner–NEWLook Finishes rocked this room! White wall to cement.  What a great idea for…

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  • Corn Silk

    Corn Silk

    This client wanted an understated, but elegant finish in her downtown condominium.  She chose a custom mix of color I…

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  • Faded Blue Gray Finish

    Faded Blue Gray Finish

    Relaxing, faded blue gray, the color speaks softly, as you retire at the end of the day, and a warm…

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